Thursday, January 29, 2009 finally getting this blog thing :)
yay me!!!! well i thought i would share whereall of my creations begin.....where i host my therapy
sessions...where i escape to relax.....the foundation for my scrapbook scrap area :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh.....and i can not forget my sassy little sissy :)

abigail delaine....she is the sweetest and most creative little girl.....she makes me laugh and keeps me this layout...she had lost her 2 front teeth....

i think its quite classic......

in all my layouts, i always add a personal touch.....for instance, the pink and white striped ribbon used on the tags came from the curtains that once accented her picket fence bedroom....she loves to scrapbook too.....she made the little paper doll cut out that i placed just beneath her photo.....she is going to be a scrapbooking addict too...when she grows up.....

hi again.... well i hope i get the hang of this soon.....

ill start with the very first layout i ever did....

it was of my little man, felix emile, when he was 4 years old....he is his poppy's shadow....his pride and joy.....and he wishes so much to grow up to be just like him....all the way down to the worn out straw hat that he wears......

i love these photos of him....

Monday, January 26, 2009

hmmmm...... let's see.... how do i start this.... :)
well, this is my very first blog post ever !!!!
where have i been? ha ha ha..... it has taken me 2
days to just come up with a title that i could find
suiting for this blog and im still not sure if i like it.
and now i have to come up with
something to say about it? ahhhhhhhh!!!!

when i think of all the things that bring light to my life,
i think of the ones that i cherish most. whether it
was walking to school on the first day of kindergarten
or walking down the aisle on my wedding day....
i have those "Forget Me Not" moments to keep forever.

well i was more than excited when i found out that
i had been given the privilege to join the Treasured
Memories Design team....WOW!!! i just cant wait to get
my hands in all the creativity that comes with it...
i am looking forward to learning and growing with
this opportunity. its a chance of a lifetime to be able
to share my talent with those who enjoy this addiction
to the scrapbook world as much as i do :)

my story begins here....
today starts the sharing of my
life moments though scrapbooking.
when i think of all the memories that i made
throughout my life, my fondest ones are those
involving my family. i have been very fortunate to
have such wonderful childhood memories.
i want to share those same memories with
my children. my mom inspired me when i was a
young girl. she always told me that i could do
whatever i wanted if i put my mind to it. she
always believed in me....
it's that belief, support and encouragement
that has helped to mold me into who i am today.....