Monday, January 26, 2009

hmmmm...... let's see.... how do i start this.... :)
well, this is my very first blog post ever !!!!
where have i been? ha ha ha..... it has taken me 2
days to just come up with a title that i could find
suiting for this blog and im still not sure if i like it.
and now i have to come up with
something to say about it? ahhhhhhhh!!!!

when i think of all the things that bring light to my life,
i think of the ones that i cherish most. whether it
was walking to school on the first day of kindergarten
or walking down the aisle on my wedding day....
i have those "Forget Me Not" moments to keep forever.

well i was more than excited when i found out that
i had been given the privilege to join the Treasured
Memories Design team....WOW!!! i just cant wait to get
my hands in all the creativity that comes with it...
i am looking forward to learning and growing with
this opportunity. its a chance of a lifetime to be able
to share my talent with those who enjoy this addiction
to the scrapbook world as much as i do :)

my story begins here....
today starts the sharing of my
life moments though scrapbooking.
when i think of all the memories that i made
throughout my life, my fondest ones are those
involving my family. i have been very fortunate to
have such wonderful childhood memories.
i want to share those same memories with
my children. my mom inspired me when i was a
young girl. she always told me that i could do
whatever i wanted if i put my mind to it. she
always believed in me....
it's that belief, support and encouragement
that has helped to mold me into who i am today.....


  1. Welcome to the team. I am excited to see what you all create this year. Love your blog and your style. Awesome creativity.

  2. Yeah! Tanya, hope it was pretty easy for you! I had picked this same layout for my blog and then changed it while blog searching for different things to add to mine. You did a good job! I can't wait to see you at Feb's meeting.
    ps - This blogging thing is addicting, just like scrapbooking! It's just an awesome thing for someone from another state or country to appreciate your layout and boost up your self confidence.