Tuesday, March 24, 2009

40th Wedding Anniversary - March 8,2009

my parents celebrated their 40 wedding anniversary recently.as a gift to my mom, i made her this layout to be placed in a shadow box.
i love the antique look. i chose colors complimentary to the picture.i had such a great time making this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky :)

Well its time once again for yet another Design Team reveal :) this month's challenge featured one of my very favorite designer's line - none other than Jenni Bowlin ! ! ! i had the priviledge of meeting her and taking a class that was phenomenal ! ! ! ! Geaux jenni ! ! ! so this month's challenge proved to be a great success (i think so anyway :)....... we had to use only that designer's line of products. i used distress techniques and lots of ribbons and buttons to embellish the pages...i also accented some of the paper with an embossing gloss. i hand stitched a few loops and finished the layout off with crepe paper ribbon flowers...with a button on top:) i hope i made jenni proud.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Design Team Bio Q & A

okay :) here is a question and answer section....to get to know me and where my creativity comes from.....

1. Tell us about yourself. What would you like everyone to know about you?

all the questions that follow were much easier to answer than this one.... so even though it is the very first question...i saved it for last to answer....ha ha ha.... about me? hmmm.....well, im 33 years old, married to my lovely husband of 9 years. i am the mother to 2 special little ones- abigail delaine, 9 going on 25 and felix emile, 7 going on 45 :)... i am a daughter to the most awesome parents a girl could have, and the middle child - having an older brother and younger sister.... i live in abbeville, louisiana, where i spent my childhood and most of my adulthood.i am very very spoiled....i blame it partly on my dad....cause he still spoils me to this day :) and as they say, a girl tries to find a mate that mimmicks her father- so my lucky husband got me and has continued to spoil me very much - probably too much...ha ha ha !!!! im a bit of a perfectionist when i t comes to some things.....i CAN NOT cook whatsoever -and have given up on learning (...i think its safer that way :)....i am addicted to this hobby called scrapbooking ! ! ! - but im not complaining... i love spending time with my family. im very much a home body....really shy and quiet,until you get to know me:) and enjoy making memories come to life through my creativity....

2. What is your scrapbook style?

my scrapbook style is "Shabby Chic" - or in my own words - GAWDY...ha ha ha..... i love ribbons, embellishments, trinkets, tags and distressing.....lots of vintage nostalgia. im a perfectionist, so everything has to be fit exact...i pay alot of attention to detail.... and gawdy it up.....the more the better :) im a newbie to 12 x 12 layouts.....im a little book girl....i love making books.....from start to finish...top to bottom......

3. How long have you been scrapbooking?

i guess a couple of years now....that i really have gotten into it...and actually started making my little books......ive collected scrapbook items for many years...and have recently re-organized my scrapbook area - so lots of more projects are to come :)

4. Who do you scrapbook?

mainly my children, family, extended family and friends

5. Name your top 3 tools.

wow.....tough one.....
1) stampin up distressing tool
2) tim holtz scissors
3) ink pads?...do they count as a tool

6. How are you inspired to get started on a layout?

hmmm.....it depends.....i either start with pictures....and go from there....selecting papers to match. then i fill in the details and make it my own, always adding that special sentimental touch to every page... OR i find papers and embellishments that i love and put together a book...then add pictures later...... i usually have 2-3 projects going on at the same time.....i go from one to the next so that i can let the work i have done sink in or when i get stuck on ideas.....it gives me a break and allows me to switch gears and keep my creativity flowing....

7. Do you have any great tips to share?

Tips? make it your own....there are NO mistakes when it comes to scrapbooking..... you can never have too many embellishments. i find most of my treasures at thrift stores....i always look for unique buttons, lace, ribbons, material, belts, earrings - really all sorts of odds and ends ......you can find a lot of great finds......i gather these trinkets and pull them out to use in my designs where they most fit......i have some that i have held on to for years.....waiting for the right project to come along - then i am like- "YES" thats it! i always say to myself.... "i can use this for something...i dont know what right now....but i will find a special place for it" - i can thank my mother for that...she and i are alot alike in that regard.....

8. What are your favorite 3 embellishments?

oh my!!!! there are way too many to narrow down to three.... but if i must , they would be :

1) ribbons
2) tags
3) trinkets

9. What is your favorite paper line?

again....how can you have just one favorite paper line!!! thats impossible.... i mix so many lines together in my designs......at the moment - little yellow bicycle (....and sassafrass, jenni bowlin, cosmo cricket, rusty pickle, wild asparagus , and k & co. ) sorry - i dont have just one :)

10. What is your favorite way to journal?

i am NOT much of a journalist.....if im even a journalist at all...in fact journalling is my LEAST favorite thing to do.....putting down words on a layout (including coming up with a title) takes me forever.....ha ha ha!!!! to me, pictures say a thousands words......but any journal entries that i do make......add that special detail that recreates the moment....so if journalling is noted on any of my layouts - its usually on a tag...tucked away....i dont like my handwriting....ha ha !