Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Wizard of Oz

" .... we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz....." another passing month,another design team layout.
this was a fun layout to do!!!! i love using the heidi swapp invisibles!!!! i was skeptical at first - but i was quickly convinced otherwise.....what an awesome product!!!!!its like magic how the colors appear and blend well together when adding a heap of different shades to make it the perfect medium........well, i chose a variety of different paper lines including one of my favorite lines out there right now - websters' pages. they are vey me!!!!! I used this line to make the house and some of the flowers....i also used the lime rickey to compliment "the emerald city". the doodlebug line was used to made the bricks of the yellow brick road. and i wrapped it all together with the crate paper and fancy pants collection summer soiree...for additonal touches, i used the prima fleurs and embroidered tabs.i used a rub on from glitz design for the tree branch,and crepe paper ribbon by jenni bowlin. tim holtz hardware help bring the tin man's heart to life. and paper house provided the die cuts and stickers...i distressed the pages with the versamagic inks and added sparkling red stickles coloring to dorothy's ruby slippers. one of the challenges was to curl, fold ,ink and distress paper - which i did....and made them into roses, like the one next to the tin man.

the photos of dorothy are from halloween 2000 when abby was 1 1/2 years old....i LOVE the wizard of oz and i could hardly wait to dress her up like dorothy.... to add my special sentimental touch, i chose the "oz" button flowers taken from a dress abby wore when she was little, as well as the patchwork slippers.

.....i cant wait to start the next assignment!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i heart my card catalogs :)

well......i already knew that i had a wonderful husband...but just when i thought he couldnt be any more wonderful than he already is....he goes and surprises me again........
well........where some women want big diamonds and pearls.....i wanted a library card catalog for as long as i can remember. i love organization - and i love small drawers.....so when my husband happened upon a steal of a deal- he decided he couldnt pass it up!!!! and you know how they say - ask and you shall receive - well i asked-and received i did indeed! ! ! having only hoped for 1 unit of the catalog drawers, was i surprised when he came home with - not 1....not 2....but 8 card catalogs !!!! 465 tiny drawers!!!!! ha ha ha!!!! i was soooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!! it brought tears to my eyes!!!! not to mention that he (and his good friend) had to travel 10 hours each way- to and from- tennessee to pick them up!!! they were being auctioned from middle tennessee university ...... he is sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!! i love you johnny!!!!! :)

well i knew that i didnt have the space for all of them, but i was a bit greedy and decided to keep 3 of the 8. i also gave one to my mom because she deserves it for being such a wonderful mom!!!! so that leaves me with 4.......that need a good home!!!! any interested buyers? ? ? ?ha ha ha.....they are designed for organization!!!! i have stuffed them full-----with the exception of a few empty drawers... :) but dont worry.....i ll have them ALL filled up soon....i have all my ribbons in my small 45 drawer unit....and the other 2 identical 60 drawer units (just like the remaining 4 cabinets), house everything from scissors, ink pads, stamps and flowers to some of the original library cards. i have even seen the drawers creatively used to hold bottles of wine.

i cant THANK my husband enough!!!!!!

i think i have finally completed my scrapbook studio :) ... i dont want anything else...until of course i come across the next best thing that i HAVE to HAVE...ha ha ha!!!!

soooooo......i present to you - the best and most cherished gift i have ever received!!!.....my diamond surprise ;)

more of my card catalogs :) thank you johnny!!!!

May Crowning Memories

wow.....it has been a crazy few months...i have hardly had any time at all to post anything on here.....BUT i have made myself a promise that i will try to make at least one post a week.....we will see how this goes...ha ha ha!
anyways, speaking of how quickly time does fly by - in the month of may 2004 , abigail 's pre-k class participated in the may pole ceremony and the crowning of mary. this picture captures her crowning mary. she was 4 years old at the time,and my mother in law had asked for copies pictures taken.......here it is 5 years later, and i have finally gotten around to scrapbooking it in the form of a collage for her for mother's day! better late than never,right? oh my......well hopefully i get more free time soon to scrap more memories.....