Monday, February 2, 2009

hello...this blog thing is pretty easy.....ha ha ha!!!
i cant believe how much fun it is :)
well....ive been working on my "All About Me" project...and im learning alot already about myself....and what a fun challenge is is proving to be.....

first off....i had NEVER done a 12 x 12 layout until i tried out for the design team---NEVER.....i know that that is hard to believe....what's even harder, has been trying to adjust to doing larger layouts...i am a smaller,detailed scrapbooker....i usually do albums...
starting from scratch...i enjoy making them out of odds and ends....and adding my own special touches.....i love mini books too.....and anything with tags are my fav....

my style is reflected in this book from my little man's pirate bithday party...
the book was an old ledger that i had picked up from a thrift store.... (i love thrift stores)the original ledger pages are what i used to bind the book together....


  1. Your layouts are awesome and your scrapbook area looks very inviting. Can't wait to see what everyone does this month for their layout. Have a great day.

  2. Hey there! Great blog. I love it, especially the title. Cute, cute. I like your style...hoping to learn some of that from you at DT. I bet you're thinking my blog is pretty bare. The one you're following is not finished--it's going to be my resume blog. My current, up and running blog is if you want to take a look. See you on Feb. 17!

  3. Wow! Your blog is awesome! Love the colors...very original and looks just like your work!!!! Great job!

  4. Hey T,
    have you recovered from this weekend yet!! bring your book to the meeting, i would love for everyone to see how BEAUTIFUL it is. heard Jenni Bowlin looked at it and was impressed! you go girl