Sunday, May 17, 2009

i heart my card catalogs :)

well......i already knew that i had a wonderful husband...but just when i thought he couldnt be any more wonderful than he already is....he goes and surprises me again........
well........where some women want big diamonds and pearls.....i wanted a library card catalog for as long as i can remember. i love organization - and i love small when my husband happened upon a steal of a deal- he decided he couldnt pass it up!!!! and you know how they say - ask and you shall receive - well i asked-and received i did indeed! ! ! having only hoped for 1 unit of the catalog drawers, was i surprised when he came home with - not 1....not 2....but 8 card catalogs !!!! 465 tiny drawers!!!!! ha ha ha!!!! i was soooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!! it brought tears to my eyes!!!! not to mention that he (and his good friend) had to travel 10 hours each way- to and from- tennessee to pick them up!!! they were being auctioned from middle tennessee university ...... he is sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!! i love you johnny!!!!! :)

well i knew that i didnt have the space for all of them, but i was a bit greedy and decided to keep 3 of the 8. i also gave one to my mom because she deserves it for being such a wonderful mom!!!! so that leaves me with 4.......that need a good home!!!! any interested buyers? ? ? ?ha ha ha.....they are designed for organization!!!! i have stuffed them full-----with the exception of a few empty drawers... :) but dont worry.....i ll have them ALL filled up soon....i have all my ribbons in my small 45 drawer unit....and the other 2 identical 60 drawer units (just like the remaining 4 cabinets), house everything from scissors, ink pads, stamps and flowers to some of the original library cards. i have even seen the drawers creatively used to hold bottles of wine.

i cant THANK my husband enough!!!!!!

i think i have finally completed my scrapbook studio :) ... i dont want anything else...until of course i come across the next best thing that i HAVE to HAVE...ha ha ha!!!!

soooooo......i present to you - the best and most cherished gift i have ever received!!! diamond surprise ;)


  1. Yes, girl, your husband is awesome! They are soooooo pretty. And it really suits your space, hun? If you're serious about getting rid of some, let me know. I have a pretty awesome husband too. LOL

  2. OMG those are really great. I would like one...... It would be a cool addition to my scrap area......Email me What a wonderful surprise. You deserve it.

  3. Yeah! They're beautiful..What a treasure, uh, husband. I to love card catlogs. Your mom told me you had some to sell. Please let me know the price. Email me

  4. Would love to buy a set too! Email me if this is possible They are sooooooo awesome!

  5. Yep, I would like to buy some too.

  6. Yep
    they are totally awesome cabinets and would solve many storage problems...if by chance you have one left I would love to buy it.
    BTW...your work is beyond belief I am a mixed media artist myself and truely appreciate your talent\