Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Crowning Memories

 has been a crazy few months...i have hardly had any time at all to post anything on here.....BUT i have made myself a promise that i will try to make at least one post a week.....we will see how this goes...ha ha ha!
anyways, speaking of how quickly time does fly by - in the month of may 2004 , abigail 's pre-k class participated in the may pole ceremony and the crowning of mary. this picture captures her crowning mary. she was 4 years old at the time,and my mother in law had asked for copies pictures it is 5 years later, and i have finally gotten around to scrapbooking it in the form of a collage for her for mother's day! better late than never,right? oh my......well hopefully i get more free time soon to scrap more memories.....

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