Monday, August 31, 2009

forever young at heart

omg!!!! i have found my new love - CANVAS :)....
wow...where have you been all my life....ha ha ha....
i took a class with connie at TM on saturday - creating a 2 page layout on canvas.
this has to be my most favorite class!!!! connie is an EXCELLENT teacher!!!! if you havent taken class with her before, you are totally missing out!!!! in addition to being a great teacher, she is a great designer with phenomenal photographer!!!! i love her pics!!!! THANKS AGAIN CONNIE FOR AN AWESOME CLASS AND LAYOUT IDEA!!!!

when i signed up for the class, i new that i was going to do a layout with old photos - but i was having trouble choosing which ones to use......i went with some pics of my dad in his younger days, who just celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday....

to make the layout "your own", connie laid out several embellishments to choose from to match each participants pics.....i love the jenni bowlin buttons and the webster pages.....i used the left over scraps of book print to cover the bird and the heart....and i even used a discarded ribbon of canvas on the heart as well....i added all my style touches...and i absolutely love the way it came out...this is probably my fav layout....


  1. Sweet sweet memories...the picture of your dad on the bicycle was taken by me at the big house on Cain was uncle Bud's bike...banana seat with long handle bars...that was a long time ago...around 43 years ago.

  2. omg,
    Tanya, you continue to be phenomenal. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and turning my class into your awesome work of art (as I knew you would). You're the bomb!

  3. Had a ball croppin with you the other night... Hope we weren't to loud and crazy...hahaha Love your work it is so unique and all your own!!

  4. Oh, how beautiful! yes, i agree with connie that your work turns into a piece of art!!

    have a fabulous week