Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i love carrot cake

i loveeeeeee carrot cake...but not just any carrot cake - my aunt sue's carrot cake.....yum yum yum!!!!! she is a great should try her homemade biscuits - omg to die for!!!!
this layout was rather simple in nature for me.....not over done...just right.... i actually took the picture a couple of years back for a recipe swap at a scrapbook convention.... and YES, i actually baked it..... :)


  1. hey t,
    love both of the l/o's and yes i love carrot cake too--sometimes just the icing!! That why i work at Red's! ha ha ha

  2. This layout is so beautiful - truly a work of art! Wish I could do that!

  3. i too love carrot cake! get aunt sue to make some and come crop with us and bring it! i have such a sweet tooth these days. love all of your layouts they completely amaze me. your not just a scrapbooker your an artist!