Sunday, November 1, 2009

congrats to me!!!! i made the ARTastic design team :)

yay!!!! im so excited to announce that i have been asked to join the ARTastic Design team!!!!
it is an awesome challenge blog.....with monthly challenges on different works of art....

check it out...try it out...and you will be hooked - just like me!!!! just click on the link below:

this months challenge is a piece done by Lawrence Alma-Tadema called : 'A Greek Woman'

get your entries in today!!!!!


here is the warm welcome that i received from the talented ladies at ARTastic:
Come meet our new DT member :)

Tanya Delaine Joseph

here is my bio......hiiiiiiiii yall! My name is Tanya Delaine Joseph. I am a 34 year old proud mommy of 2 beautiful children - Abigail Delaine, 10 and Felix Emile, 7. I am married to the most wonderful hubby a girl could have. (I heart you johnny;) ... I grew up and live in Abbeville , Louisiana. I do work full time :( , so if I could have one wish , it would be to have more time to scrapbook.... I wish I had more time to put my creativity to use.....but I do make the best of the free time that I do have..... I have been a crafty girl all of my life..... I can remember as a little girl loving to draw and make things.....there was nothing I thought I couldnt mom would always say..."look at that tanya..and remember it.....we can make it..." and boy was she right! my creativity comes from my mom-she is a fantastic crafter and scrapper too ...and it appears the abigail will be following in the family tradition. Most of the projects I make are 3-dimensional. I love making shadowboxes and until recently, everything I have made has been to be given away as gifts. when people see my work, they always say, where do you put all of your layouts?????ha ha ha....(quite honestly, I have only a few that I have saved in plastic paper storage boxes, everything else has been given away...and eventually, I will give away the layouts I have made as they relate to the subject matter.....BELIEVE it or NOT - I do NOT own a scrapbook.... I mean, I make mini themed books, but I do not have a scrapbook for myself. As a matter of fact - the very first 12 x 12 layout that I had ever done was to try out for the current design team I am on at Treasured Memories. I am totally thrilled to be asked to be a part of an awesome blog challenge design team!!!!I look forward to sharing my take on all the different works of art.... fav artist????? hmmmmm...tough one.... I would have to say BOSCH - mainly for the intricate detail and often bizarre landscape and subject .....the vivid colors and the underlying theme of human nature and the choices of good and evil and the little details that give a lesson in can get lost in just the smallest piece of the larger masterpiece....

"A big welcome to you Tanya from all of us here at 'ARTastic' we look forward to getting to know you, and hope you enjoy your time on the Design Team."

thanks for making me feel welcome ladies!!!!


  1. Congratulations!! Excellent news!

  2. congrats tanya! it does not surprise me at are fabulous! i hope to get a chance to try one of the challenges one day, but right now i am very busy scrapping for other people. i am soooo happy for you! you are awesome, and yes i think abigail has taken after you and your mom! can't wait to see what she does as she gets older.