Wednesday, November 4, 2009

first communion

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) well i have finally completed my ARTastic Design Team challenge based upon my interpretation of Lawrence Alma-Tadema 'A Greek Woman' painting. i chose to use a picture that i took a few years back for abigail's first communion. you can tell be the picture that felix was anything but happy about being photographed....he was all pouty and sad cause the focus was on abby....i remember taking the picture and thinking, i am gonna LOVE scrapbooking this one.....for my layout i chose to use flower petals from the bouquet that i wore in my hair on my wedding day....i used ribbons and rhinestones.....and i even made some ribbon roses...i topped off the layout with some greenery and beading. i love the way the colors blended so well.... the influenital painting made it easy to transform my page into a work of art.
sooooo...head over to the ARTastic Challenge blog and get your entries in!!!!!


  1. Hola Tanya. This is beautiful! I am so happy you made it to the design team... I'm so proud of you! See you next weekend! Say hi to your mom from me.


  2. Such beautiful work from an awesome person.